From a young age my favourite past time

was to go to work with my Papa on a

Saturday and watch from the sidelines the

whole theatre of the restaurant business. It

didnt take long before i fell for the buzz

and enjoyment that La Grotta gave me!

Initially I worked on a Saturday lunchtime 

cleaning tables, and by 16 years old i could

serve the whole restaurant! I then became

interested in the preparation of the food.

My Papa taught me how to make amazing

wholesome tradition Italian cooking.

In 2015 my parents stepped back from the restaurant and I took over! I am extremely proud of everything they have done and only hope i can continue the success they have created.


None of it would be possible without the amazing staff. Augusto has worked at La Grotta for over 25 years, coming from a highly trained background in food service, Simone brings Italian flair from Rome, Richard (or Ricardo) has also been here for over 25 years as our head chef and general story teller. You will still see my Papa Alfonso working in the kitchen as well as my 'mamina' Anita and my wife Bev serving. It has also been known for my young daughters, Sophia, Sienna, Alessia and Ava to give the odd bill and welcome the customers! La Grotta isnt just a restaurant, it is family. We're not a huge restaurant, but what we lack in space, we make in personality which gets missed in chains or large restaurants. We have the ability to add that little bit extra, whether it be a special request that isnt on the menu,  creating a special menu tailored for our wonderful gluten free customers or a desire for a particular flavour of cheesecake for the week, i want customers to leave feeling part of the family.


All of the pictures here are either from my Papa's home of Ribera, Sicily or the restaurant through the years, whether it be from family parties or of the staff. Thank you for looking at the website and taking the time to read this! Please come and visit soon and experience La Grotta for yourself.


Welcome to the family!